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Review over my metal 2011, as a cameraman, photographer and reporter. Perspectives over 2012!

ianuarie 8, 2012

Dear ones,

At this moment of junction between years, meditation about what has been so far and thoughts about what is less or more predictable to be, it is for me not only a good moment to analyse, but, in equal measure, a good one to show you what I’ve done during the last 12 months!

As a cameraman, photographer and reporter for Romanian metal website, 2011 was not only a blast for me in matter of promoting concerts, theater performances, opera nights, books releases and cultural festivals, but also a good year in putting across some perspectives that were hard to be achieved at the beginning of the year, especially in the field of video recording metal concerts – my main field. Taking the chance to video record bands like DECAPITATED (pl), SAMAEL (swi), KEEP OF KALESSIN (nor), MELECHESH (isr/nl), MINKUS (swi), FLUXIOUS (fr), VADER (pl), EUFOBIA (bg), VALKYRJA (swe), MONO (jpn), PAIN (swe), BONFIRE (ger), NETHERBIRD (swe), MALEVOLENT CREATION (usa), COCKLUSH (bg), NUCLEAR (chi), AMETHYST (it), INFEST (fr), OJCIEC DYKTATOR (pl), ENEMA SHOWER (svk), SACRAMENTAL BLOOD (srb), DISGORGE (mex), NATRON (it), EXPECTATIONS (bg), BLANKFILE (srb), STRAIGHT OPPOSITION (it), MY DISTANCE (it), DAYLIGHT MISERY (gr), ROTTING CHRIST (gr), DARK END (it), OMNIUM GATHERUM (fin), DE PROFUNDIS (uk), ROOTS OF DEATH (swi), RESISTANCE (bel), DEATH ANGEL (usa), SUICIDAL ANGELS (gr), ADIMIRON (it), THE SWAN BRIDE (svk), CORAS (ire), SUSANA PROSKURA (ger), NEGATIVE (fin), OSSIAN (hu), LES DISCRETS (fr), VULTURE INDUSTRIES (nor), DRACONIAN (swe), ALCEST (fr), YEAR OF NO LIGHT (fr), LOELL DUINN (cro), HEXVESSEL (nor/uk), ROMA AMOR (it), ROME (lux), DIRTY GRANNY TALES (gre) or GORAN BREGOVIC (srb), but also some very well known Romanian artists and bands [CELELALTE CUVINTE‘s 30th Anniversary Tour, SILENT SCREAM (Tribute to Slayer), TAINE, SPIRITUAL RAVISHMENT, SHE-WOLF, TRUDA, HOLOGRAF, CARGO, 13 RITUALS, ALTAR‘s 20 Years Anniversary Concert, SPEAK FLOYD, ZDOB SI ZDUB, LOUDRAGE, PARAZITII, SPECTRAL, CODE RED, NECROVILE, CRIMSON, GRIMEGOD, DEITY, GUERRILLAS, KREPUSKUL, LEGION, ULTIMU’ NIVEL, SPITALUL DE URGENTA, VH2, MARCIAN PETRESCU & TRENUL DE NOAPTE, LUCIAN NAGY & JAZZTROTTERS QUARTET, ATARIA, IRIS, KEEP AWAY, PAVILIONUL 32, MALPRAXIS (FORENSICKNESS album release party), GOD, WHISPERING WOODS, AUTOGRAF, BLACK DIAMOND, MASTERPIECE (Tribute to Metallica), ETHERNUS, DULCIS ANIMUS, FLAUTO DOLCE, KAVALKAD choir, CAPELLA TRANSYLVANICA choir, PRO MUSICA, IONICA POP, CAMERATA ACADEMICA POROLISSENSIS choir, KARIBE BALKANIKA, BLOODPRINT, TRIO ANDREAS, MUTE, TROOPER, A.L.E., AD LIBITUM EXPERIMENT, AD-HOC, BAND FOR RENT, P.O.V., ALL ONE, DIRTY SHIRT, ILLUSION OF CONTROL, BUCOVINA, TARG3T, SKULLP, FRONT, EOS, LIGHTS OUT, VITA DE VIE, IMPLANT PENTRU REFUZ, DORDEDUH, SUNSET IN THE 12th HOUSE, THE CAUSTICS, FLIRT IN LUST, NO REMORSE and MAYA] was not only a good impulse to taught myself, but also a good chance to work for and with more important people in branch, organizers, promoters and zines. Almost all of them showed me their gratitude for what I’ve done so far in matter of video recording. For the moment, taking into consideration mostly last 3 years, my portofolio is completed by 1285 video clips (that are for public watching posted on, taken at 183 concerts and by 114 photo albums that are all for public delight on my Facebook profile:

2012 seems to be at least as rich as this one in matter of number of events, but also it is the year that I plan to take some steps for personal achievements regarding my skills as a cameraman, together with widing the branch of video-recorded events, so stay close for updates!

Tudor Bolgar
cameraman, photographer, reporter

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